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Doha Massage Services, wants to be your first choice for all your healthy, healing spa needs. We have researched and obtained only the finest and freshest products available to provide a unique and relaxing experience for anyone. Come take a tour … We have soothing relaxation and truly pampering experiences available for every client.

Spa  and Massage Packages, including a Body to body,Relaxing,Sweedish,Nuru,Oil Massage,Thai Massage, are our specialty. We have two Facial Rooms and a pair of Massage Suites, including one suitable for Couples Massage. For nails, there are two luxurious, leather recliner Pedicure Stations and two Manicure Stations.  We are spacious enough to accommodate bridal parties or birthday parties, yet intimate enough for BFF pampering or “alone” time.

Doha Massage Services,is honored to be named “The World’s Best Massage Center in Doha” by the Wenatchee World several years running. Thanks to all of our customers for nominating us!


Doha Massage Services

Quality and best service in Doha-Qatar.

Best Nuru & B2B

You generally start face down and the therapist starts with your back and shoulder, then moves down the body. Once you flip over, the therapist works her way back up your body, usually ending with neck and shoulders and sometimes the scalp

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is new to modern spas, but it is actually an ancient form of massage thought to have been developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand 2,500 years ago. It uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems.

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